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Just a funny cultural difference

Friday, when I went to the school to teach English at 4pm, I heard Veasna’s voice, so knew that he was still teaching.  Not wanting to interrupt, I waited out of sight, in the front part of the school.I could still hear him teaching in a very loud voice, but noticed that there were students […]

This and That

I can’t remember if I blogged this picture already, but here it is.  I was walking home from chapel toward our house and this is what I saw.  We used to see ox carts all the time, but as the city is getting bigger, there aren’t so many in the city now.  But remember, Phnom […]

A New Sister and Brother

 This is Pbaj (which means ‘diamond’).  She was baptized at the Phnom Penh congregation a couple weeks ago.  Please keep her in your prayers as she starts her life for Christ. And this (in the red shirt) is John.  He is James’ son.  James is the preacher at the Phnom Penh congregation.  Please pray for him […]

James Glasscock here.

James has been here for nearly 2 weeks now, teaching all day.  He is teaching on the History of the Church in Acts.  He is giving the final tomorrow. This picture is of James teaching at the University Church of Christ and Try is translating.James was one of our youth group kids in San Angelo, […]


Cambodia just released the results of the their nation-wide, end of 12th grade instruction exam.  Like many European countries, this is a serious test. You have to pass it to get into college.  Two years ago, when things went like normal, around 87% of those who took the exam passed. However, that was with well-known […]

We are all good!

Most of you have heard that Rich also had dengue fever.  However, according to the doctor, you had the “classic” kind instead of the “severe” kind like I got.His fever was never really high(although he did run a fever for several days and was miserable) and he also didn’t have the problem of his platelets […]


Almost back to normal

I am so grateful for all the prayers on my behalf.  Dengue fever is not fun! I had dengue fever the first time in Thailand when I was 12.  It wasn’t fun then either.  It is amazing how one little mosquito can wreck havoc on your whole body.Just to give you some information, I felt […]