The Wednesday Night Food Program hands out food to anyone who walks through the door at 7:15 each Wednesday night.  The initial visit requires paperwork to be filled out.  Subsequent visits allow more one on one discussion with the individuals in need.  The amount of food given is enough for several small meals for a family of four.

Clothing Closet is open on Thursday’s from 12 PM- 2 PM.  They have gently used clothes for those who are in need.  If you want to donate any gently used clothes please come by the office during normal business hours.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Getting Involved: contact the current deacon in charge, Roger Ried.  We have jobs to do that do not involve speaking directly to those in need.  For example, stuffing the sacks with food, filing and running food to and from are jobs that do not require direct contact.  Some individuals are not comfortable speaking to others.  This provides an opportunity for them to be involved.